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Devaki Sokaris

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5.Long-term goals

This is another perspective to ponder on about goal setting, and is how I work with continual progress.

Society has become obsessed with goal setting. Setting goals do not keep a person motivated over the long term. I believe goals can push you forward in the short term but in the long run having a system in place, meaning what you practice daily to keep progressing will make the real difference in your growth.

If you continually measure your success or happiness by goal setting you are constantly telling yourself I am not good enough until I reach my goal. The problem with mind setting is it teaches you to put off being happy or successful until you have reached your next milestone, and so the cycle begins again.

Long term goal setting puts unnecessary stress on a person. Why not focus on practice rather than performance? This keeps you in the present moment which keeps you real, and you make progress at the same time.

What if you looked at goal setting from another perspective. Most people consider, given what they have been told, that setting goals is plain common sense.

How is it possible to set goals that are realistic when you don’t have control over outside influences that could interfere with long term goals?

What if I said long-term goal setting is limiting!

For example, a person is trying to lose weight, so sets themselves a goal of how much weight to lose by a certain date, instead of being focused in the present by eating better for their health. When a person sets themselves a goal weight in the long term this sets them up for falling off track because they know they have months to go, so they can justify a slip here and there. Well that’s what they tell themselves.

I believe it is better to make a commitment to improvement everyday rather than defining limitations through long term goals. I believe people will make progress beyond what their goals would be this way as there is no limitations defining where they want to be.

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