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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

Life coaches

The coaching industry is flawed. We do not need any more life coaches. Many do not understand the psychology of people, thus out of their depths.

Many are riding on the authority and glamours of the title coach, when it is a false authority, they hide behind. Most operate from the same playbook or are one trick ponies using terms like get out of your comfort zone along with hockey mindset mantras.

Much of the coaching industry is selling an unrealistic recipe for happiness and success which does not exist in the first place. People are being led to believe an unreal view of what fulfillment in life is.

Like a lot of advertising, they are selling an illusion of happiness and success. This is programming people to think they can reach goals that are not realistic, thus geared to make people think if they are not pushing themselves constantly, they will miss out on something wonderful.

The life you seek and the path your soul wants for you, does not need the input of an outsider that comes with their own agenda and an unrealistic one at that.

If one listens to their own inner wisdom, they will know that they can achieve what is best and for their highest good without a coach. Many will benefit better from taking the inner journey, and some may need the help of a mentor to navigate their life path. Those with serious inner conflicts usually need counselling.

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