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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

6.Justice in evolving

Justice may not look like justice from another’s perspective, but we are not the ones who decide what that justice should be, as it is not built on our preconceptions.

People often see themselves as victims to bad luck, but our life is not defined by good or bad luck. Many people reference to the justice of karma without understanding it. It is not the eye for an eye that people like to think it is. Its far more complex than that, and it plays a big part in how we evolve as a human being.

When we look at the suffering of others, we have an opportunity to learn compassion. However, what we don’t know, is what that person came to learn, experience and understand for their growth.

Sometimes one may need to sacrifice something so someone else can learn because that is the lesson. It’s never a one-way street. We only ever have snippet of the truth, as there are works in progress, which depend on the decisions and choices we make.

If one doesn’t really understand their patterns, and why they keep attracting things they don’t want, they will will keep manifesting similar outcomes in life, especially if playing the victim card of ‘’I have bad luck’’, or ‘bad things always happen to me’.

It isn’t enough to recognise the mistake, and then decide the only solution is, I won’t do that again, because the lesson is not that simple. You must dig deeper than that. How many times has a person said I won’t do that again, I’ve learned my lesson, only to keep receiving similar outcomes to other decisions? They still have not understood the pattern and, why they keep attracting the same.

Often a person will be adamant they are awake, have a lot of self-awareness, and know what’s right for them. This attitude comes with a lack of awareness and certain immaturity. Until one is willing to take responsibility for how their life turns out, the pattern will remain. Once that is understood, the path is paved with more clarity allowing one to make better life path choices, and decisions that change their lives for the better.

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