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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.It isn’t fair or is it?

Many people complain life isn’t fair and are quick to decide what happens to them isn’t fair. How many people really look at their actions and take responsibility of what they created.

Fairness comes about because of awareness, compassion and acceptance thus you accept situations that you can and can’t control. Even though we are all equal because we are human we are differently subject to changes and decisions by others we deem as unfair. The law of karma determines what is fair in accordance of one’s actions or what you reap you sow as some might call it.

It’s hard to achieve fairness and equality in a world of people who are not perfect but if we look deeper we will understand that whatever we have or not have is the result of our own actions thus each person is not treated the same even though we are equal.

Sometimes we are in situations we don’t think are fair but is that really the case?

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