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Devaki Sokaris

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Connection to the inner truth

When we learn to listen to our inner voice we make better life path choices that are right for us. This article talks about what intuition is and how it helps you connect to the inner truth.

Intuition for many is a gut feeling they can’t put their finger on or an alert to just knowing something isn’t right without proof or logic, and for others with higher intuition it can involve great insight, sensitivity, skill and perception.

Everyone is born with intuition and can learn to trust it. Intuition is the communication between you and your soul or higher self. It embraces the higher mind, and awareness allowing one to access internal truth about themselves and situation.

Higher intuition allows one to seek truth and spiritual knowledge from their inner. It takes time to hone and practice intuition to work best for you and even though we are all born with intuition our intuitive ability depends on the soul’s growth so will differ from another.

Lower intuition works from the lower vibrations of the personality which are only concerned with self-related desires, possessions, money, power, and control, thus not pure of heart.

There is the potential for higher intuition to exist in many human being’s, but this will require one to have purified the heart and mind to bypass the chatter of the personality's glamours and desires of what one wants to hear.

People have been conditioned to hand their power over to others which over time has slowly added to the shutting down of hearing the truth, and what’s best for them. They have been programmed with fear, doubt and negative talk which has blocked them from hearing their inner truth and wisdom.

Working through the heart is the gateway to one’s higher self so the more you align with that the stronger your connection to the inner truth and wisdom.

Inner work is required to hone intuition, because it doesn’t matter how intuitive a person is if they clouded by thought forms and inner conflicts. You need wisdom to know how to use your intuition for effectiveness.

Unresolved false perceptions cloud intuition, so even when intuition is heard, the personality overrides it with what it wants to hear, so one then makes life path decisions that are not real, or do not serve their highest good.

Some people will run a life pattern of behaviour and keep getting the same outcomes repeatedly because the inner garden has not been cared for. The personality is still ruling the roost, because it wants what it wants. The best way to work with intuition more gracefully, is to do the inner work and learn to cooperate with the soul, so it can work through you.

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