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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

9.Integrating self

The integration of all parts of one’s self is important, and really the only way a person can bring their true self consistently wherever they go. At the very least it takes personal growth and self-awareness to know yourself well.

Life isn’t a continuous goal where we constantly think we are not where we are meant to be right now. Others are not accountable to keep us on track by pushing us when we may not appear be moving forward. How much potential we achieve is up to us.

Embracing the journey allows the insights and clarity to come through which can’t happen if one tries to drive their life with force. Patience, compassion and kindness to oneself is needed.

Sometimes we must accept that many of the feelings we have about ourselves may not be real, because the personality sometimes overrides what the inner wants for us. The personality is an expression of the inner, but it is far from perfect, and being the personality, it wants what it wants.

Doing inner work helps to bring through a better expression of the true self. Meditation and contemplation can calm internal chatter and develop our consciousness.

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