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4.Inner work

Tending your garden

Inner work can be a path of both self-growth and awakening to your soul.

Self-growth starts with self-awareness which is about being able to view yourself from a detached perspective, so you can learn from what you have observed. Self-awareness teaches you that what you believed about yourself is an illusion of the truth.

A spiritual awakening is one of higher consciousnesses and allows one to see themselves and the world around them from an altered state of perception. Life as it was and what one believed about themselves and the world is not same anymore.

Inner work can help you:

  1. a.Change thoughts, feelings, actions.
  2. b.Overcome trauma, anxiety, depression.
  3. c.Resolve inner conflicts, self-limiting beliefs.
  4. d.Recognize self-defeating behaviour patterns.

Suffering is a great teacher, so a trauma or significant challenge can be the trigger for a person to dig deeper in understanding them self. This experience may also leave them with illnesses physical, emotional and mental to learn from which can be hard for the personality to overcome.

Through the limitations of suffering one is one is given the opportunity to know and understand their true self.

Inner work is a process where you evolve over time as you awaken to all that you are. Awareness is not enough as you need to accept what you have learned and embrace it.

Inner work requires commitment and patience with yourself over a long period of time through all. It strengthens the relationship with your true self thus allowing you to live a life with meaning and purpose.

Inner work helps you identify your inner toolkit, so you can respond to what is needed rather than your preconceptions. Identifying your own internal toolkit allows more awareness of yourself, how to improve and how to keep it that way.

Growth through the heart enables you to remain open to change and as you attend to each challenge that arises more aspects of your true self can shine.

Many people take a path of personal growth and development which focuses much on the outer for self-improvement which doesn’t free them from inner conflicts. The only way to understand one’s true self is through inner work.

Your thoughts are the seeds of what you create so do you want to grow flowers or weeds? Tend to your garden and create your life from the inside out.

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