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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Are you easily influenced by others or do you take charge of your own life?

Many that allow themselves to be easily influenced by others rather than be inspired to follow their own path, don’t know themselves, so try to follow the paths of others instead.

From the time after we were born we were influenced by our families, friends, teachers and the world until we forgot who we were. If we didn’t want this we were conveniently labelled rebellious or difficult.

Because of this people often end up living a life that society dictates or ones their families prescribed for them, and often try to follow the paths others do for the illusion of success, comfort and security. You don’t get to live your purposes in life by following other peoples rules. Some influential people are manipulative, and come from a place of self-gratification, so it’s good to be weary of those who try to influence you for personal gain, and power.

There are many people who can inspire us but I believe we must discern carefully if its true for us, and discover our own path in life. Others may inspire us along the way, and can help awaken things in us, but we are not meant to make the decisions and choices they did or do it their way. Another persons story is their story, it is not your survival kit.

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