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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Humility means recognizing that all we are, we have not done alone. Humility teaches us to know we are not separate from humanity in all its existence. Without humility we don’t see our own mistakes or when we are wrong thus feeling justified by our actions.

We are shades of light and dark and if one is consciously working to purify their heart and mind they will become more of the qualities that illuminate the light within. A wise person will often have many good qualities therefore will likely have attained some humility through those qualities. Any quality one wants to manifest the best they can will need be from a mindful approach as without mindfulness it would be hard for one to attain some humility.

It’s the humility that pulls a person back down to earth and perhaps is the little voice that says pull your head in. A person with humility will know that even though they feel confident in their skill, they are at the same time humble enough to know that they can still learn more and grow. Without humility we just don’t grow as well as we could.

Humility is a quality that helps to change any human for the better, so that they are receptive to becoming their best selves, but if a person wishes to tread a spiritual path, they will need to view humility as a very important quality in embracing their spiritual self, and view humility as a spiritual practice.

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