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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

9.Grow from those with different values

Age, background, what we have experienced, and learnt in life will determine our values, and how much wisdom we may have. We will not share the same opinion with many people we cross paths with in life, but I always say smart people make the most from who they do not agree with.

There’s much more to a person than your disagreement, and there may be something that can be learnt from it, and often a piece of truth to take away and ponder on. Of course, if the other person is abusive, and deliberately trying to cause conflict for a rise out of you, its best to not engage with them as their intent is to do harm.

Our values and opinions in life are ours to live by not someone else’s. It’s best to make the most out of people that don’t share the same values or opinions as ours. Just because they do not share our values and opinions does not mean they do not have something of worth to share with others.

Once we accept that everyone will not share our values which will change throughout life as we grow anyway, we open doors for far more expansion in relationships with others. Trying to force others to abide by our values shuts the door to growth and self-awareness that wouldn’t be available to us otherwise.

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