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Live the life your soul wants

4.Fulfilment in life

What does it mean to feel fulfilled in life?

We are all born equal, but not in terms of intelligence, skills, abilities and potential.

We can only find fulfilment through our own inner source, and it must be attained without cheating, stealing, deception or manipulating others at the expense of their pain and suffering.

Fulfilment ^

When I have asked many of my clients what does it mean for them to feel fulfilled they say, ‘I just want to feel happy , because even though I have a good job, and everything is going well for me in terms of financial security, and a good family life, I am not happy and don’t know why’.

Just intuitively asking a few questions helps me get to the root cause for a client, and starts to unfold a bigger picture.

Common scenarios are:

  1. a.I feel stuck and don’t seem to be getting results I’m happy with anymore.
  2. b.I went into the job thinking it was what I wanted, and now I feel like I am just there to pay the bills. I feel resentful and this affecting my home life.
  3. c.I used to be able to achieve my goals, but now I seem to be going backwards and feel depressed.
  4. d.I love my partner but I feel it’s all about what they need, and I feel I am just accommodating their needs and not my own.

This happens when no matter what a person tries to do, they still lack fulfilment and purpose, and feel disconnected from what they need to do to fulfil their potential in life.

It clearly highlights to me they are very capable of achieving great things. The undoing of this is only because of their thoughts, and feelings not being aligned with what their potential is personally and professionally.

Emotional blocks have a lot to answer for but it is important to do what we truly feel passionate about, and what is true to our self by doing our dharma-purpose in life, as this is what brings us true fulfilment.

Values ^

It is important to live by your values if you want to find fulfilment in life. They help you grow and create a future you would like to experience.

What you value is what gives you purpose, because you know what matters, and what is important to you.

Get clear about what your values are, and live by them as when you know what your values are, it is easier to makes decisions, and choices that decide how you live your life.

Your values are important as to who you are on a personal and professional level. They guide you and your behaviours at home, work and other areas of your life. They show and determine how you behave.

They decide how you will relate to the people in your life, and show you what’s good or bad for you. When you let, your values guide you, you give without expecting anything in return, and your values become a guiding principal in your life. They have to be consistent in all things to be true.

Your values allow you to not worry what other people think, because staying true to yourself is more important than what other people think.

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