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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

5.Forming attachments

People don’t usually form attachments straight away, but it happens when one starts to develop expectations after spending a lot of time with a person. The attachment isn’t really to the person but more about how they feel about the experience they have when with that person, and the emotions the person brings up in them.

The attachment becomes a neediness as one fears losing the way a person makes them feel thus wanting fulfilment outside the self.

We must to look within and learn to love oneself. Looking for it in others is a false perception of what one really needs.

Attachment does lead to suffering because attachments are transient, so loss will be inevitable for a person. Relationships are more harmonious if one loves them for who they are and what they become.

It is not that we should detach from people and our experiences but rather recognize that we need to surrender to any preconceptions that allow us to experience the soul self.

We need to appreciate and accept what we receive rather than trying to manipulate it. Trying to control outcomes causes anxiety, negative thoughts and unhealthy relationships. It’s also better to have goals in life without being dependent on an outcome for the same reason.

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