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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1.Fear and failure

What is fear? It is an emotion you have learned. It causes doubt, lack of confidence and negative thoughts and expectations.

Danger is real, fear is a choice, and only the result of the thoughts we create in our mind convincing us it is real. Fear limits our thinking of who we are and what we can become.

It is not often the circumstances that cause the fear but the thoughts around the circumstances that cause the fear.

Others will dump their fears on you, but you do have a choice to decide what is real for you and what is someone else’s stuff. Other people are good at projecting their own fears upon you, so why do we take them on?

If you don’t feel confident and have a good sense of who you are, their fears will put doubt in your mind about yourself. If you really stop to think about this, it’s not hard to see they are just illusions of someone else’s fears, who want validation from you that their fears are real.

Fear will often appear when the truth is getting closer, and it takes so much more energy to hang onto it rather than face what you fear.

Fear is the enemy of your growth. The only way forward is to move beyond it, and nurture your potential in life.

Failure is often about understanding in hindsight a better path forward so it’s more about how we choose to learn our lessons. If we become more conscious of the decisions we make, and what they are creating, we will make better choices that enhance our life thus reducing the need to learn some lessons.

When we live by fear we only focus on what not to do because every decision we make gives us an opportunity to learn from it, and not repeat patterns that disrupt our growth. The path of fear keeps us stuck and doesn’t provide any advancement in reaching our potential.

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