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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3. End-cycling relationships

Any relationship whether it be friendship, partner or otherwise have lessons for both parties.

Relationships where one’s values or path in life is too divergent from the other usually don’t work in in the long term, thus they were put together for specific lessons. There will come a time when each can no longer grow with one another, so the relationship ends.

Sometimes people just need to move on, but humans have difficulty in end cycling so find reasons to be angry to leave instead, so they can justify ending the relationship, when things could have been much simpler.

If we are put in a position to compromise our values a lot to keep a relationship, then a decision must be made. People come and go from our lives as we evolve which is how it is supposed to happen. The truer you become to yourself along the journey the less friends you make, because other’s want you to be somebody else that fits in with their agenda or life.

There are times in life we must get out of the way of ourselves and others, so we can get on with our journey, and they can get on with theirs.

Most of the issues people have in letting go of relationships is their attachment to the past, thus not accepting they are not growing together in way that serves each other’s highest anymore.

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