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5.Emotional blocks

Emotional blocks are made from negative past experiences, unresolved emotions, and disruptive behaviour patterns. They disrupt your growth, and stop you achieving your goals. They affect relationships, finance, career, personal and spiritual growth, and health.

Emotional blocks ^

Here are just some of the ways that emotional blocks can manifest in your life.

Inner conflicts ^

When you struggle with thoughts and feelings like anger, and resentment they place a block against personal and spiritual growth. You must resolve these before you can grow. If not dealt with they not only disrupt your growth, and relationships with others, but can manifest as illness in the body like chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, muscle tension, stress, ulcers and many other illnesses.

Triggers ^

Repressed feelings of anger, fear, grief etc, are usually triggered by a person, situation or circumstance. When this happens, you may react with one of these repressed emotions, and deflect responsibility by blaming someone else for what you are feeling.

Toxic relationships ^

Being around others who manipulate or control your life can be toxic to your growth. Sometimes it is necessary to walk away from those in your life like this, or make changes that allow you to be true to yourself, which gives another person an opportunity to change as well.

When you change people and things change around you as well, but you must do this without attachment to them changing in the way you think they should, as the consequences are not always as you wish, because a person has free will to choose how they react as well.

Poverty consciousness ^

Learned attitudes about money when growing up like,’ money doesn’t grow on trees’, we don’t have enough, it’s too expensive, or other comments as such project a negative attitude towards money. This can manifest later with the difficulty in attracting it yourself.

If your conscious belief around money is not aligned with your actions, you will have difficulty manifesting abundance to your life. This is a common problem with those who can’t seem to get a break financially.

Addictive behaviour ^

Using drugs, medication, cigarettes, alcohol or food to pacify emotions and memories will only have a temporary effect in the short term as one realizes you can’t escape by self-deception. Sooner or later you must face those conflicts within.

Addictive behaviour is often hard for the personality to change in the long term straight away as it runs deep. Sometimes in the interim it is better to replace bad habits with new ones that are better for you, and that do not have negative outcomes, even if in the long run, they will need taming to be more in balance.

Self-sabotage ^

Self-sabotage often comes out of low esteem and the fear of succeeding, so you automatically set yourself up to fail to prove that you are not worthy.

This type of behaviour is an emotional block that creates problems with any goals in life you might be trying to reach.

It can also present itself as procrastination, emotional eating, taking drugs, and alcohol or purposely behaving in a way that is certain to fail you. However, most people are not aware of their behaviour as self-sabotaging their potential.

Clearing emotional blocks ^

Here are some approaches you can take to start clearing emotional blocks.

Awareness ^

There are really only two emotions broken down, love and fear. When you are blocked, you choose fear over love. Mostly this is done unconsciously, so when you choose to be more conscious of your thoughts and feelings, you can start to clear these blockages.

Awareness is the first step that activates the healing process. Be open and honest with yourself about what you are feeling. Awareness allows you to choose how you want to react or deal with a situation or circumstance.

The physical ^

Whether you realize it or not your emotions live in your physical body, so they can become trapped in various areas of your physical being.

For example, if you carry anger around for most of your life, you may find as you grow older from the outside you might present with a posture that is stooped forward, and your facial features become furrowed, and grumpy looking.

Have you noticed that those that are vibrant and live a life of joy always appear younger than they are when getting older, because they are warm, and compassionate making them inviting, and approachable to others.

We become the repressed emotions we hang on to!

Find peace within ^

Given the outer is only a reflection of what’s going on in the inner, what you feel inside has a lot of influence how you perceive what’s going on around you.

For instance, say you are about to go on a holiday with your friend overseas, and before you leave you find out your husband is cheating on you, this will have a big influence how you enjoy your holiday.

All change needs to come from within. You have to stop, be still and ask yourself, ‘what am I feeling that is causing turmoil inside’, and calm the waters. You may find when you ask this question, you can see what trigger activated the repressed emotional block.

Once you have awareness and understanding of your feelings and actions, you can choose to behave and act differently.

Let go ^

Let your emotions know that it is time for you to release them, and let them go. For instance, ‘I am willing to release this’ … or ‘I let go of this anxiety’ …

Your negative emotions want you to release them which is why you often feel their crippling affect in the mind and body. It’s just a reminder you don’t need them and to let them go.

Make a choice to love yourself, and let the negative emotions go, because at the end of the day you will have nothing to celebrate by hanging on to them. Choose to feel gratitude and replace those thoughts with loving and positive ones.

Make peace with the past and live in the present. Change your perspective so you can create a better future.

Devaki Sokaris.

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