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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3.Do your goals align with life purpose?

Success to many people is achieving their personal goals that their personality desires but if one was more aligned with what their purpose in life was their goals would be very different.

What you become depends on what your lessons are and what you need to experience for your growth. Overcoming your challenges helps to build inner strength and potential.

A lot of people succeed in life but are still not happy and don’t know why. Your purpose does not always bring happiness because the personality may have other ideas of what that means.

Life is a journey that you can play a big part in creating by not being attached to the outcome or destination. It’s not wrong to have a goal in mind but to be attached to it doesn’t allow new paths to be noticed.

When you look in the right places answers are always there, and goals are achieved without consciously setting them because your intent is to always embrace change for the better.

Your goal in life is to live your purpose and in doing that it allows you to reach many goals that fulfil who you really are. It’s all about discovery.

Once you stop looking to find your true self, you allow it to find you.

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