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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

3.Digging deeper

When you start looking deeper for answers, you must expect to discover some things that may not appear real for you straight away. That means that you will need to take time to think about these things. Making life changing decisions will require you to make changes in your thinking, and actions over time.

What you discover may not be what you want to see or hear. What you need isn’t always what you think you need to help you.

During this phase, avoid trying to force yourself to change but just be kind and patient with yourself.

When ready, you may want to make some notes about what you need to change, and what you might need to discuss with other people to help you make those changes. However, do not force others to be part of your process, but invite them on your journey.

Digging deeper helps you:

  1. a.Understand why you are where you are now.
  2. b.Have relevant insight into your situation or issue.
  3. c.Know what to change to be in control of your life.

A choice is a fork in the path, an opportunity. A decision comes about after you have analysed your options. It is in the choosing that decides the path you walk and what the outcomes will be. You are responsible for the life you choose.

Knowing the path to take is one thing, but once the seeds are planted, change only happens when you attend to your garden.

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