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Dharma and money

Focusing on career and money as the sole purpose of life and identity is a false identity. Delaying other purpose in life stops one getting their house in order effectively or consistently.

When it comes to purpose, we have many purposes in life, thus there is not one sole purpose to life purpose. Only a portion of our purpose will provide money for support in life.

Do people think when we retire, we do not have a purpose anymore. We do because our career is not our soul’s purpose in life. Those who never get or explore that will go through an identity crisis later, and why we are seeing many with depression in their senior years. Our job, or career is not our identity.

If we are truly serving the soul, we will be provided for. Putting career and money above all else as the driving force and focus comes from the personality desires. This belief also supports the illusion that one must do this to put their house in order, so they can do all the other things that are needed to grow in life.

This behaviour stops people getting where they are going because it is undermining their true selves. It is driven by the personality, so they never know when to stop. It is never going to be enough money, or it will be another goal, another step etc which are all delay tactics. Thy will justify it by telling themselves, when I reach the next milestone I will focus on the bigger aspect of my purpose in life, but they don't stop until forced to.

When the personality mistakenly thinks it is in charge many things will be crushed along the way. In the interim we are given rope to learn and understand from our actions. The amount of rope we have depends on our karma.

We may get moments where we have gone under, and then had a break for a while only to suffer hardship again. If it gets ignored and undermined consistently the lessons get harder and we will be forced to change. We always get a chance not to do it kicking and screaming. However, if we consistently ignore it and go back to the previous behaviour of pushing for what we want, there will not be a lifeboat back to shore until we surrender and embrace what is real.

Pattern ^

Here is an example of the type of things that happens to many who fail to see the pattern of their behaviour and are ego driven.

The soul does not usually want us to suffer hardship ongoing, so it often gives us relief in waves to help you us see the patterns that are undermining our purpose in life.

You go through a major transition in life that has you walk away from many things. Those things may include a partner, career, places, family, and friends.

You then decide you are awake to what serves your highest good and pursue a path of trying to fulfil the many aspirations and goals you have.

Then hardship comes knocking on the door, but you see this an obstacle to push through believing it is a temporary hurdle to get over. This may be a fair assumption in some cases. However, if you have not been aware of the journey you took and how you arrived where you are now, not much will be understood yet.

Then finally comes along a break, and money and work are flowing again. So, you then see this as proof that you are on track and get back on the same bandwagon as before trying to fulfil those aspirations and dreams. You do not yet see the truth.

The next fall may be more challenging where many of the things you were trying to manifest display many problems. Interactions with others seem to present more problems. People become part of destroying your hopes, and dreams thus may use you, rip you of or you become sucked into things that do not serve you in desperation to fulfil your goals.

Again, you think it is just another hurdle, and sell everything which may include a car, household items or other things of value to keep afloat. You still have your sights set on being saved and are under the illusion the future will provide this. You do not realise you are getting closer and closer to the cliff.

You get another little break and come up for air, so you are adamant you are on the right track and these were all just obstacles to get around. At this stage, all perspective has been lost and it is inevitable you are driving full steam ahead towards the cliff, unaware of your actions and what they are creating.

This time the fall becomes more drastic with things like major debt, bankruptcy, more loss of possessions, shelter and feeling alone. You have reached the cliff and are up the creek without a lifeboat back to shore.

Life ^

Our souls want us to discover who we are, so money will not bring harmony or happiness in all areas of one’s life.

Money is an instrument that helps us live and experience life. The growth we obtain from the experiences money brings can be in balance with a person’s highest good.

If our actions with money are in accordance with right livelihood and with the intent to do no harm, this is what the money will become, so how we choose to use money will result in the energy it carries for us.

Money is not good or bad thus if we use it in a way that enhances our life for our highest and the lives of others, then it becomes in alignment with what is good.

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