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Live the life your soul wants


Letting go of attachment is not s practice, attachment to people, places and things fall away when we no longer see ourselves in them, thus think they define who we are.

Detachment is the path to non-attachment thus no suffering. It is the result of bringing more of the spiritual self into the physical life.

Many do not understand the path of detachment. It does not mean we distance ourselves from everyone and everything, it is more we embrace what we have in life, but you do not have attachment to them being there.

When you hear people say they are on a path of service without attachment or like phrases, you know they are fooling themselves. Letting go of attachment is part of the awakening journey.

When we are spiritually connected, we realise our preconceptions do not serve our higher selves. However, for some this can be an exceptionally long process as their personality self hangs onto attachments to people, places, and things.

Some say they are detached when they have pushed emotions down so to not deal with their conflicting thoughts. This is not detachment, but rather denial of the emotions that are challenging their personality selves.

We must pass through the gateway of the heart to experience the truth within us. Yes, one can say we create our reality by our thoughts, but just because we change them to a better perspective does not mean it is the truth or we have changed.

True detachment connects us more deeply with life and allows us to live with more clarity. It is what is meant by just being, thus we live life consciously being mindful of our thoughts, feelings, and actions, but we observe life far beyond the limitations of the mind and emotions.

Detachment is a lesson in living with grace while under many challenges. One of the many lessons for people is falling in love and remaining detached. You will see this is not the case for many and why we have much suffering in relationships.

True service does not ask for acknowledgment or praise. In serving humanity we may or may not please someone, thus service does not require one to please another. We are here to serve our higher selves, so the true self can live its expression in our being.

Life purpose is to fulfil the preferences of the soul, though we may not be conscious of it. Essentially the soul is improving itself, so it can serve its higher self which is spirit. We are part of a hierarchy of consciousness that goes back to the creator.

Living our dharma- duty requires us to do it for its own sake thus not expecting any benefit emotionally. We are here to serve our souls and our souls are serving spirit.

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