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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Death creates suffering no one else can heal. We may accept death as part of life, but it is another to deal with the suffering death brings about for one.

We are never really prepared for it even when we think we are, like in the case when someone is extremely ill and expected to die. For some it shakes them to the core, and they never really recover from it. For others it is a work in progress with many layers to unpack.

It can also reopen those old wounds from past grief one was in denial of, thus they had pushed them down to numb the pain.

Detachment is the path to non-attachment thus no suffering. Some say they are detached when they have pushed emotions down so to not deal with their difficulties. This is not what detachment is, but rather denial of the emotions and suffering that are challenging one.

True detachment connects us more deeply with life and allows one to live with more clarity. It is what is meant by just being, thus you live life consciously being mindful of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, but you observe life far beyond the limitations of the mind and emotions. That is non-attachment.

Even when one is spiritual and believes in reincarnation, thus the soul lives on in another embodiment, it is not a comfort to many as they struggle with the loss in the physical realm.

Death is one of the hardest forms of grief, because one knows they will not see that person again. It brings up a broad sense of emotions in people that take time to integrate. While it is confusing, it best to find acceptance in those emotions rather than trying to navigate them all before ready.

Experiencing death is one of life’s major transitions. The irony of experiencing it, we are also being given a gift, as we go through our own transformation and understanding of who we are. It is like a cleansing that awakens the heart and has the potential to bring us closer to our true selves.

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