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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

10:Create healthy boundaries

It’s important to create healthy boundaries in life and not allow others to put pressure on you to do things that fulfil them.

Some people wear other people’s baggage in their attempts to help people. There are also people who give because they want to feel needed thus don’t feel good about themselves.

Discerning is important, so you know where and when to give. The best way to help someone and not be drained is to obtain more awareness about your own emotional health by getting to know your own emotions feelings and needs to maintain inner peace. Set boundaries and limits and don’t be afraid to say I can’t help you right now.

Learn to centre yourself is stressful situations as it helps to ground you and filter out difficult emotions. Compassion helps to calm overwhelming emotions and feelings towards others and yourself. Regular meditation will help with this.

Many will adjust their boundaries depending on what they need. However, there are those who will over-reach and give in to pressure until they have the self-realization of their own needs. Some people may need to experiment with this to see where their boundaries lie.

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