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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Truth and guidance while sitting in silence with the inner soul.

Silence ^

It is in the silence I hear and, know I am not alone.

In the silence I find …

divine presence
gifts & treasures
inner wisdom

Hush now, and listen!

Gratitude resides in silence ^

Like many qualities we want to attain in life gratitude has many aspects to understand. You never really know gratitude as well as you think you do, there is always more to learn.

I consider myself an evolved human being and feel I have earned the right to say that, but I know I have still much to learn about what I am attaining.

While sitting in the silence of inner contemplation I discovered an aspect of gratitude I hadn’t seen or understood before. I had adopted an attitude towards gratitude that I didn’t realize was closing me off to the help I could have with something I was experiencing.

I wasn’t mindful that I needed to be accept the help that was waiting for me that I had created the opposite of what could be. I can also be grateful it didn’t take me long to get this.

This gave birth to a new perspective and understanding and my attitude towards it. When we develop the right attitude, we see and are given more things to be grateful for.

As well as my morning meditation I set aside an additional 10- 15 minutes for inner contemplation where I will offer up questions for insight.

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