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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

1. Comfort zone

Your so-called comfort zone may be exactly where you belong, because it may be the exact place you are serving your purpose.

It is only an illusion of success that one needs to push themselves every day to reach their potential. We will all die never reaching our full potential, because we will always be more than we know or ever discover.

To imply those that are not pushing themselves everyday are sitting in some sort of comfort zone is absurd. A comfort zone doesn't exist anyway, we are mostly being niggled in some way on the inner to pay attention to what we need for our growth.

The personal growth industry wants you to think if you not constantly looking for ways to stretch yourself, you are not growing. This is not only untrue but is adding to the amount of depression and anxiety we have in society among people.

If one is in a place where they feel they are meant to be, that's good, thus we should not be guilt-tripping people into believing they then must get out of their comfort zone.

We don’t need to stretch ourselves for the sake of stretching. The soul challenges us to step up when we need it.

Learn to view challenges as the flow of life. You don’t have to feel challenged to grow when that is your intent as you are just embracing what helps you grow as it flows naturally.

Live the life the soul wants, that’s the only zone you need to be in.

Note: Read article and research done on the stress and mental health issues related to pushing oneself constantly out of a so-called comfort zone. See related sites below for links.

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