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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Challenges build inner strength and help you grow.

Challenges ^
Learn to view challenges as the flow of life. You don’t have to feel challenged to change when that is your intent as you are just embracing what helps you grow. No one changes without the willingness to face false perceptions about themselves or situation.
Control ^
Being able to take control of your life means focusing on what you can control and allow what you can’t to ride its course.
Less is more ^
We are all supposed to do more with less than we think we need. Limitations are often there to show us what is more relevant so to focus on what is real.
Major life issues ^
Focus on what is highly relevant as you often deal with many issues as a result. Daily improvement, rather than long term goals, is best, thus seeing progress in motion and helps with any feeling of overwhelm.
Timing ^
Timing can be everything thus patience is necessary as sometimes you must evolve through some things, so you understand your life.

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