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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

8.Being yourself

Being our self is what we all came here to do. If we strive to discover our true self, we will overtime naturally become more, and more of who we are allowing our inner light to shine through into our physical, and permeate our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Being real doesn’t need an announcement or a ‘look at me I’m different’. That isn’t real, but rather a glamourised version of the personalities desire to stand out and be praised for being themselves. To become one’s self takes time, as we overcome the false perceptions we carry around about ourselves.

This journey can be quite challenging for some, because the truth is to you will lose friends at the very least, and its also not uncommon to become estranged from family in the process. This path does bring forth truth and helps us to serve humanity better with the gifts we came to share.

One of the challenges many will experience when discovering their true selves is its difficult to make and keep friends as they evolve into who they are. This is often because people overstep boundaries, and want a piece of you, and what you have, or in your path to become yourself you push their buttons too much about how they then perceive themselves, thus they then project their baggage blaming you for what they should own.

Sometimes these people will leave your life as they have to much difficulty accepting the change in you or you will move on from people who are not growing with and accepting the change in you. You may walk away from family, and long-time friendships with people who try to manipulate into choosing between them and being who you are.

We are not here to fulfil other people’s desires or demands on who we should be. Some say its just to hard to be yourself, I say it’s just too hard not to be yourself.

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