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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants


Seeing ourselves as we are and in the hindsight of wisdom.

Mirror mirror … ^

Mirrors are everywhere we go. Every interaction, conflict, shared perspective mirrors some truth about who we are. The things that push our buttons in others' behaviour resemble some part of ourselves we need to own, be aware of, or change.

However, not all mirroring is what we need to change in ourselves. We are not all in the same place of growth or evolvement. Sometimes you can be in the presence of someone who shares issues you have and may have been through similar experiences in life, so mirrors aren’t always reflecting what you don’t like in yourself or need to change or heal. They are also reflecting where you are now and how far you’ve come as you meet with others where they are in life.

I see you in front of me
Do you see what I see?
I see you
I see myself in you
I see you in me
I see things I don’t like
They help gain inner strength
I see things that reflect my true essence
I see things that reflect my gifts
What do you see in the mirror?

Lessons learned ^

If transformation is not gained from knowledge there is no right use of knowledge thus no wisdom.

Need to embrace what I must to grow
The calm after the storm brings release
Finding courage to embrace what I know
Brings inner truth, wisdom and peace

Lessons are learned, and life goes on
The past to rest, and the future unknown
Just another lesson learned to move on
More challenges, more seeds unsewn
Lessons are learned.

A simple life ^

I live a simple life, my philosophy is uncomplicated, and my spiritual beliefs are well grounded and unwavering. I don’t own a lot of possessions out of choice because I don’t want my life cluttered with things, however there has been nothing simplistic about the transformation that has taken place for me to arrive where I am today.

The irony of unravelling the self, is there is nothing simplistic about it. It’s easy to look back in hindsight and say I could have done it that way but this is how much wisdom is attained by learning from the experience. Transformation must take place for wisdom to be gained.

Why does it take so long to get to the simple?

Most of us go through life wading through glamour’s, clouds and illusions, embracing change and leaving behind what no longer serves us. It is when we are not willing to do that that the soul encounters conflict between the inner, and outer realities making the journey even harder.

In the end compassion and kindness matter the most. Its best in life to focus on what’s important and keep your eye on what’s right in front, everything you need to know is there, and the only place where change can be made.

Something for you to contemplate!

Follow your soul, it knows the way,
Devaki Sokaris.

False perception creates misconception ^

Viewing the world encased in a bubble shelters us from all we can be.

You don’t grow when wrapped in a bubble
It only draws more of what you call trouble
When boundaries are not clear
You’ll get more of what you fear
Our biggest teachers are those not close
They see what you need the most
Embrace new perspective
Rather than focus on what’s defective
Take responsibility for what happens to you
It creates more meaning in what you do.

Pain and suffering ^

Pain is unavoidable, but suffering is a choice as we decide how long we choose to suffer. People believe their pasts define them, but it is who you are now that defines you. Our pasts don’t define our future, they prepare us to become who we truly are. Our choices and decisions will influence how much of that potential we become.

You showed me how to grow
For that I have much to show
Your wisdom is like no other
I have no need to suffer
I always have a choice
A time to rejoice
Because of you I am free
Because of you I am me.

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