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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.Awakening to your soul

Awakening to the soul allows you to discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of.

People fail to understand themselves because they are looking at things from the personality’s perspective. Through understanding the personality’s relationship with the soul, we bridge the gap so more of the soul’s presence may pave the way in life.

Many are leading busy lives fulfilling their personality needs, rather than being more concerned with what their soul wants for them. Awakening to the soul puts into perspective the importance of the spiritual self.

Awakening to your soul allows the soul to express itself in the physical, as the personality has a way of trying to undermine its spiritual self for its survival. During the process there will be much self-evaluating, and re defining beliefs as the true self is discovered.

Life transitions help us develop and grow as individuals and are often about loss or feeling like we don’t fit in anymore. Many will find themselves at the crossroads, needing to navigate through major life changing decisions. These transitions may help one become more aware of their soul’s preferences for them.

Each person has their own unique path to self-realisation, and it is not our place to interfere with their journey. This is between them and their souls. Our path is to focus on our own relationship with the soul.

One of the lessons people face is not to be concerned with how others feel about who they are becoming. They must start to accept that the changes in them will cause some people to walk away from them, and vice versa as they evolve.

Awakening to your soul is the path to self-realisation, thus a long work in progress. Each person's experience will be different, and so will their level of awareness. It all depends on how well one learns to cooperate with what the soul wants for them.

Spiritual inner work is transformational in bringing elevated awareness of one’s soul, and greater consciousness, giving more insight and clarity about one’s life and purpose.

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