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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

4.Awakening to the soul

Awakening to the soul is the doorway to reality. To align with soul and spirit, we must live beyond the limitations of the mind and embrace the language of our true selves.

The heart is the gateway to soul consciousness. The door to our hearts must be open to connect with the soul. The heart experiences awareness through surrender and trust in the greater consciousness.

Most people are not brought up to understand anything much deeper than their personalities. Things do not happen in life by chance as coincidence is an illusion, the soul speaks through us.

The wisdom of the soul is not felt or understood with an analytical approach. When you connect with the soul, it is not through an intellectual mind, because soul consciousness is beyond the mind. There is no intellect or analysing that will connect you to the inner wisdom. One needs to get out of their own way to experience the soul.

The soul’s inner wisdom is immediate and not separated. It is a sanctuary of silence where you become one with all. You start to view everything differently with deeper meaning and begin to see things as they are rather than how you are.

As the soul starts to permeate our thoughts feelings and actions more in daily life, we become more of what the soul wants for us to become our true selves.

The soul has much wisdom and insight to share with us. It is whispering many things through meditation, symbols, metaphors, archetypes, and deep feelings within the heart. One can also receive profound messages and visions during meditation.

Soul consciousness allows one’s intuition to become more accurate, as higher intuition is the only true intuition. Higher intuition teaches you how to serve your higher self, the earth and humanity.

Meditation and contemplation are extremely important in bridging the gap between the lower and higher self. One does not attain soul consciousness without meditation and service to humanity.

There are many meditation systems, so it is best to experiment in finding the one that resonates. You are only meditating when you go beyond the form you are using to get there.

The personality relies too much on the mind to understand reality. The soul does not speak or communicate in the limitations of the human language.


The soul speaks a language words cannot express.

The soul can't be experienced from the mind. It speaks to us in a language words can't explain. When we are there, we are one with our true selves.

Awakening to the soul allows us to discover who we are and what we are truly capable of. Many do not know who they are, because they are looking at things from the personality’s perspective. Through aligning with the soul, we bridge the gap so more of the soul’s presence may pave the way in our lives.

Many are leading busy lives fulfilling their personality needs, rather than being more concerned with what their higher self wants for them. Awakening puts into perspective the importance of the spiritual self.

Awakening allows the soul to express itself in the physical, as the personality has a way of trying to undermine its spiritual self for its survival. During this process there will be much self-evaluating, and re defining beliefs as the real self is revealed.

One of the lessons one is faced with when awakening is how others react to who they are becoming and how they see the world. Some will walk away from their lives because of the change in them, and they will also want to part company with others in their lives that may be toxic to their path or do not resonate anymore.

Awakening to our soul is the path to self-realisation, thus a long work in progress. We are all in different places of awareness, which depends on how well we learn to cooperate with what the soul wants for us.

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