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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

2.Awakening potential

Before you can reach your potential, you have to know what emotional and thought patterns are driving the decisions you make every day. From there, you can begin to make better decisions that allow you to become who you really can be.

Behaviour patterns ^

Our future is a continuation of a line beginning in our past, and passing through our present self.

So if we want our future to be different, we need to shift our present thoughts and circumstances to be better aligned to where want to be in the future.

However, the present will have a lot of beliefs about ourselves and our possibilities that may have resulted from past decisions that are no longer relevant. Until we challenge such decisions, we may find it difficult to change ourselves or our circumstances.

Learned and repeated behaviour patterns are often the culprits for undermining our opportunities and choices. However, they play a part in learning our life lessons, but if we don’t recognize the pattern, and you keep repeating it, then it becomes difficult to learn the lesson. A bit like Groundhog Day! It can be a relief to finally recognize these patterns, so we can then make a choice to let go of them, or dig deeper, and learn why we are attached to them.

Making a few mistakes along the way in life only causes a few bumps in the road, but if we keep making those mistakes over and over again, it is possible to shape the road more permanently. However, we keep our eye on what’s right in front of us, and become more self-aware of our feelings and actions, we make better life path decisions, and create less bumps in the road.

Summary: Find your pattern ⇒ Find your lesson ⇒ Change your life.

Self-awareness ^

To change yourself, you need to be aware of what decisions you are making, and how they affect changes in your life.

Once we identify patterns we may not have been previously aware of, we begin to make changes for the better. It is not uncommon for people to have those ‘of course’ moments where they sort of knew it all along, but until acknowledging it consciously it was ignored. This can bring person a lot of relief and empowerment when these patterns are grounded and brought to light.

When we are more self-aware, we become empowered to move forward with more confidence to take responsibility for our feelings and actions. This can help a lot in bringing clarity, and enables us to move closer to being our real selves.

For continued growth it is important to live life attaining more self-awareness as it helps you understand ourselves better, and allows us make changes, and choices that enhance our lives.

Shaping life ^

To lead a fulfilling life requires us to be present, and conscious of how we are shaping our lives. We are in charge, and have the power to shape our own lives.

We have already been doing this, but when we do this without conscious awareness of what we are creating, it won’t feel like we have much control of how our life is turning out.

There will always be an element of surprise, and the challenges that come with learning our lessons. We are not supposed to know the future. Knowing the future interferes with the decisions we make and how we learn our lessons. It is better to be present and conscious of the decisions we are making now, because they decide our outcomes in life.

We are not here to just let the universe sort it out for us. We are responsible for how our lives turn out. Through the grace of self-awareness, self-empowerment is attained because once we have new insight into our behaviour, we know what to change, and this instantly gives one more control of their life. Wecan then consciously start shaping our life, rather than leave it to chance.

There are events in life we must go through that will be outside our control, call it fate, but these challenges bring opportunities for us to grow. Free will allows us to choose how we handle these situations. Every outcome in life is a result of the choices we make.

If we don’t choose to be proactive in in how our lives turn out, one will be decided for us through your actions. This approach will most likely challenge a person to reach their potential on a slower path, and often leaves them feeling unfulfilled.

Harnessing potential ^

To achieve our best potential, we need to learn to trust our intuition, and become more self-aware about how our feelings and thoughts are affecting the decisions we make.

We all want to be our best potential, right? There’s just those annoying things that get in the way like procrastination, negative thinking, and the things we tell ourselves to justify why we don’t want to trust our instincts, and just go for it. And to top that all off we don’t listen to our intuition, then beat ourselves up for not listening to it, then do it again, Aahh!

We may not get the exact outcome we were expecting or know how the outcome will manifest. We only need to trust we are making the right decision, and that it will help you take a step towards where we are supposed to be. The world is not going to fall in a heap if we take a leap and trust our intuition.

Our heart knows what we need, and what we are capable of. Yes, I know there's that that little voice saying, don't do it, you'll fail. It only has power if we choose to believe what it is saying to us. However, if it is the higher self speaking, we better listen.

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