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Devaki Sokaris

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5.Appreciating help

Are you really appreciating and respecting the time people have spent helping you?

People do not respect or understand the value in someone else’s time. This can often be more valuable than something you can purchase like a book or video.

Much wise guidance of great value isn’t charged money for. There is a disconnect in people's thinking that the growth they have received from someone’s time isn’t as valuable as if they have something in their hand to prove they have received something.

This comes from the thinking of entitlement and is disrespectful, because it fails badly to acknowledge the things people create for the rest of humanity to enjoy.

Seeking the truth or knowledge must be done with respect to others, rather than having an agenda of just wanting to be provided what you need without taking responsibility to ponder seriously on what’s been given. This is abuse of the persons help and knowledge sought.

Spiritual teachers, mentors, guides etc are paid in the form of money by rewarding them financially so they can keep providing their help.

If you really respect what you have been given by someone, support their work or cause in any way they may be asking, because when you fail to understand this, such disrespect blocks the path you are seeking.

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