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Devaki Sokaris

Live the life your soul wants

4.Aging gracefully

As we age, we will be presented with limitations that affect the way we get on with being here and living our life.

Acceptance is the key to the many changes we face as we get older.

Merging into the senior years can bring more understanding of purpose in a more concrete way, as it becomes more simple to get out of the way of ourselves.

Our health may decline in various ways, our body feels like it is defying us, and to top it off we don’t feel we have enough time left to do all the things that have suddenly inspired us.

Accepting the limitations life presents to us as we age allows us to focus on what's highly relevant. Many fulfil their purpose more effectively when older, because they don't have the other distractions and stresses in life that they had when working full time.

Some in society view those who have retired as out to pasture because they are not chasing anything. One's career is not their life purpose. You do express some of your purpose through work, but our souls purpose is much bigger than a paycheck. Age itself does not obtain one spiritual maturity, so in this transition some may start to view themselves differently and explore their spiritual selves.

Our bodies may be aging, but the connection to the life within us still exists as strong. When you are young, you can be more wrapped up in your issues, but when older you notice more to be grateful for.

To age with grace embraces wisdom, patience, gratitude, kindness and humour. This can be obtained through meditation practice, self-awareness, spiritual growth and working on acceptance.

When we accept, it allows us adapt to the changes and see them as a time to focus on what’s highly relevant in living life with purpose.

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