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Journey of the heart

About Devaki

I am a modern mystic, vegan, and live a minimal life with my husband spending most of my time in solitude.

A modern mystic is down to earth and realistic thus their feet are planted on earth, and their heart reflects soul and spirit. I have been on a spiritual path for 36 years since experiencing a spiritual awakening in 1985, at the age of 27. In 2019, I retired from mentoring. I write to awaken people to their true selves. I have a background in nursing, fitness, spiritual healing, massage therapy and 25 years professional soul mentoring. I have also been a singer-songwriter since 2000.

My philosophy is simple, Live the life your soul wants. Religion is not spirituality. Many who seek spirituality through religion are asleep to their true selves. Being spiritual is a state of consciousness, which shines through in how we meet the world, it's a way of the heart. Although challenging, a spiritual life flows more easily with right balance and simplicity.

I met my spiritual teacher Ananda Tara Shan in 1994. She passed to the inner levels in 2002. I have continued to work with her teachings of the divine wisdom and heart. Through 25 years in mentoring others, I have helped many understand themselves through connecting to their own inner wisdom of the heart. The more people who connect to the heart contribute to the collective heart consciousness in healing thmselves the earth and humanity.

I do not tell all the details of my back story, as I have little use for it because it is not who I am. It is like it was someone else’s life not mine. However, in brief for the sake of why I am where I am now, I chose to walk a spiritual path after a spiritual awakening following 3 life changing tragedies in the same year, when I was 27 years old. I am now 63 years old, so this is a long time ago. I have had plenty of time to transmute all the emotions associated with it, thus I have evolved. I am at peace with my past.

Before my awakening I was suicidal, and suffered with PTSD, anxiety and more. After a major shift in consciousness, nothing looked the same. I walked away from people, things and places that no longer made any sense. I felt closer to my true self than I ever had before. To cut a long story short, I continued my nursing career and later became a mentor, healer, and singer-songwriter. I wrote my first song after learning to play guitar for one week and no previous music prior to that. Once these new dharma's were awakened, I just knew how to do them.

Once we start to experience our true selves many issues fall away and are seen for the illusions they are. For that reason, I have never had or needed life coaching, or gone to self-motivation and personal growth seminars and workshops.

Some people need many lives of self-growth before they are ready so, they work with their personality growth-development and inner conflicts. From there they start opening their hearts to their true selves, which may evolve over many lifetimes until they wake up.

There are so many people that believe they have had a spiritual awakening when they have yet to experience it. Their actions following what they believe to be an awakening did not align with what that really is. What they had is a life transition which we all experience in life, but life transitions are not a spiritual awakening.

After an awakening our values and beliefs are not based on our life experiences, they are based on the inner truth. Experiencing a spiritual awakening starts to make understanding of the true self much clearer. It is like an initiation into feeling and knowing the soul. The journey that follows, lives in that awareness, as the true self continues to reveal itself. An awakening is only the beginning of that journey.

Until one experiences that inner truth, they will not understand what I am talking about. People must get out of their minds and align with their hearts to experience the inner truth. An awakening is the doorway too the inner world where we meet our true selves.

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