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Awakening to the soul allows us to discover who we are and what we are truly capable of.
We all have our own unique path in life thus we have our own lessons and healing journey that cannot be learned from someone else’s story or experiences in life.
Seeking validation
People seeking unhealthy validation has been around for a long time, but since social media it has become perpetual.
The power of compassion
Compassion is wisdom of the heart. It is loving kindness that is guided from the higher self and acts for the good of all.
The grace in aging
As we age, we will be presented with limitations that affect the way we get on with being here and living our life.
Are you easily influenced by others or do you take charge of your own life?
True friendship
When one understands we are not here to fulfil the preconceptions of another's needs, but rather to challenge what their real needs are, then a good relationship is formed.
Soul consciousness
Soul consciousness is the doorway to reality. To align with soul and spirit, we must live beyond the limitations of the mind and embrace the language of our soul’s wisdom.
Inner heart
Listen to the voice of your inner wisdom.
Staying Here
We are living in a time where one must decide if they want stay on earth and support the greater plan for the earth and humanity.

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