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Letting go of attachment is not s practice, attachment to people, places and things fall away when we no longer see ourselves in them, thus think they define who we are.
Life purpose
There is no one sole purpose to life purpose.
Compromising spirituality
These insights are to bring awareness to the conflicts that happen when one tries to compromise spirituality to suit religious dogma.
Perfect relationships
We are not perfect, so our relationships will not be perfect. What we want isn’t often what we need.
This article is a concise view of understanding karma.
The power of music
Music has its own way of healing. When created from the heart, it is the essence of soul and spirit, and can be a spiritual expression of healing and light.
The toxic side of music
This article looks at the bad vibes of songs with a emotional dumping and projections.
Right relationships
People place a lot of importance in relationships, and many may come into our life with expectations, demands, neediness and selfishness.
Digging deeper
When we start looking deeper for answers, we must expect to discover some things that may not appear real straight away.
Grief and death
Grief is many things: death, illness, hardship, loss of career, relationships and possessions. Grief is a part of our lives but when it happens, we react in disbelief, experiencing shock.

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