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Money and a spiritual life
Our souls want us to discover who we are, so money will not bring harmony or happiness in all areas of one’s life.
Wrong road out
Walk the path with patience for there are no quick roads out that lead to the truth.
The soul light we carry within embraces us with love.
Spiritual fluff
Spirituality is a broad term for all things people believe to be spiritual, thus it can be both fickle and vague.
Soul's journey
The path to self -realisation is a journey within between one’s relationship to soul and spirit. It is important to understand the personality-soul connection is in discovering one's true self.
The ego and its baggage
The personality has huge potential as it is an expression of the soul.
Hanging on
Letting go allows us to embrace the opportunities before us.
Gems of wisdom
Gems of wisdom are thought-provoking snippets that may inspire or help you understand something about yourself and the world around.
Spiritual growth path
Spiritual growth involves cooperating with actions that don’t serve the personality and ones that improve life on earth.
Meet your soul
The soul is your higher self and inner wisdom. The soul is the very essence of who you are.

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